Crowdfunding pre-launch

Hey folks,

If you are interested in funding the project then this post is for you!

We have prepared a crowdfunding campaign pre-launch page on Crowdsupply. Please check it out and subscribe for updates. We will be starting the campaign soon.

22 thoughts on “Crowdfunding pre-launch”

  1. Its so perfect & the only board I would be able to use with my project in mind. (Trying to convert a old non functional powermac g4 cube into a nas and would like to use the original heat sink)

    The only way this board could be any better if there was an option for a ups but other than that it is so insanly nice and there is nothing like it.

    Cant wait to buy it since im running out of storage rather fast..


  2. i want to build a cm4 based NAS. i want to use 3.5″ disks. it would be really nice to have a version of this board where the drives could plug directly in. less mess, less wiring, less to go wrong. if it could handle 3.5 then it could also handle 2.5. the only difference would be spacing and a little more board real estate.

  3. this would be perfect for my home theater. Currently I just have a JBOD (just a bunch of drives) just laying around on desk. I will definitely support this project.
    keep me informed djberry77 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. We saw the prototype already working in Jeff’s YT channel so I assume the delay is due to semiconductor shortages, but this product would sell like hot cakes, you are pretty much alone in this market! Go Wiretrustee Go!

  5. This looks real promising! A few GPIOs from the CM4 on a pin header would be nice to be able to add extensions. Like a small display to display status information.


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