Wiretrustee v0.0.8 and performance benchmark

New release: A few days ago we released a new version of Wiretrustee, v0.0.8. This version brings two major improvements and OS support for Windows: Performance improvements: Wiretrustee can detect peers in the same internal network or with public IPs without restricted NAT, and it will connect directly without the need for a local go-proxy … Read more

Crowdfunding pre-launch

Hey folks, If you are interested in funding the project then this post is for you! We have prepared a crowdfunding campaign pre-launch page on Crowdsupply. Please check it out and subscribe for updates. We will be starting the campaign soon. https://www.crowdsupply.com/wiretrustee/wiretrustee-sata

SATA performance tests (SSD)

This week we’ve received a few prototypes from the factory and now it is the time to test it out. The topic of SATA performance of this board was discussed quite a lot recently and it was for a good reason. RPi Compute Module 4 is limited to a single PCIe lane that can provide … Read more